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  • Behavior of some spectral models.
  • get_fwhm.bash
  • Uses source extractor and astropy to get median FWHM of an image.
  • get_mjd.py
  • Uses astropy to read DATE-OBS header, and convert to MJD.
  • fluxmag.c
  • Given zero point flux and magnitude (or flux), returns flux (or magnitude).
  • redden.c
  • Calculates the extinction based on Cardelli, Clayton and Mathis 1989, ApJ, 345, 245. Given R_v, A_v and lambda (microns), returns A_lambda.
  • deredden.csh
  • Given (1) A_v (2) Bandpass (3) Magnitude, and (4) Mag_error, find unabsorbed flux-density (Jy) and errors using the extinction laws of Cardelli et al. 1989 (Basically uses my redden and fluxmag codes to get the numbers).
  • Dice
  • Throwing many, many dice ...
  • expose.c
  • Control a Canon EOS 300D using the parallel port.
  • rmrec
  • Removes most recently created N files in the current working directory
  • jd.c
  • Converts from MJD to calendar date and vice-versa using USNO routines.
  • chernoff.c
  • Create Chernoff faces from N-dimensionl data (N less than 6 for this version). An example is here, which also requires imagemagick's convert tool, gnuplot and this gnuplot script.

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