Herein lies frozen some of our moments at IIT Kanpur.

The Vibrating Sample Magnetometer instruments (My M.Sc. project was to make it functional !!!) , with its full battalion of auxilliary equipments, vacuum pump, liquid helium (front left) and liquid nitrogen (behind the helium one) containers, and also with its full battalion of crews !

Dipanjan's room, E-304/V, Trinanjan (hiding face !!), Rahul (big teeth || eh !) and Dipanjan.

In swimming pool.

This is a part of our Low Temp. Group.
Sitting (from left) : Pradipda, Dr. A.K.Majumdar, Dipanjan.
Standing (from left) : Myself and Rambabu.

Trinanjan standing in the lawn of Hall-5 during a power failure at night.

Saraswati pujo (2001) at Hall-5.
Standing from left: Purohit's assistant and the Purohit.

Hall-5 lawn.
From left: Myself, Subinoy, Tuhin, Pallab, Rahul, Koushik.

After a night-out at the lab, having a tea at MT.